Here you can find a list of our local party events. Details are sent to members via email and can also be found in the calendar below.

In Discussion With ... 

Join us twice a month for a series of interactive discussions on the climate emergency, environmentalism and Green politics via Zoom. The format will be an introductory talk by a keynote speaker, followed by a Q&A and finishing off in breakout rooms to have more interactive discussions in smaller groups.


Upcoming Talks

Thursday 29th October 2020: Farming, Food and Soil Health; In Discussion with Natalie Bennett

Zoom Meeting, 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Reserve a place at our EventBrite page


Past Talks (with links to videos)

Permaculture and Practical Solutions for a World in Crisis; In Discussion with Maddy Harland     |     Cambridge Growth Beyond Reason; In Discussion with David Plank   |   Eating Our Way Out of Climate Change; In Discussion with Sarah Bridle   |   Our Last Chance to Save a World that Won't Be Saved with Rupert Read   |   Imagining a World Post-Covid with Rob Hopkins   |   Building Back a Better Economy after Covid-19 with Molly Scott Cato   |   Aviation, Shipping and Globalisation after Global Lockdown with Catherine Rowett   |   Hope in Hell, A Decade to Confront the Climate Emergency with Jonathon Porritt   |   Drawing New Maps for a World with a Future with Cindy Forde and Christine McDougal.

Members' Meetings and committee meetings

Members' meetings usually occur quarterly and include a full campaign update. Committee meetings are monthly, and all members are welcome to attend. If you would like to join a meeting or submit an agenda point please let us know by email and we will make sure you receive the Zoom details. 

- Committee meeting, Tuesday 10th November, 7.30pm-9pm
- Members' meeting, Wednesday 18th November, 7.30pm-9pm
- Committee meeting, Wednesday 9th December, 7.30pm-9pm

Social Events

Scavenger Hunt! 30 October 2020, 8 - 9:30pm, via Zoom. Expect CRYPT-ic clues for items to find within a time limit, points to be won, and seasonal activities to win extra points! Book your tickets here.

Regional Events

Visit the Eastern Region Green Party's website to find out more information about our campaigns and events across the region.

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