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The Cambridge Green Party campaigned tirelessly alongside Cambridge for Europe and delivered a very successful result in Cambridge and South Cambs in mobilising the remain vote. Unfortunately, it was not enough to alter the national balance. The national result is profoundly disappointing and the future looks uncertain. The referendum has highlighted deep class, generational and ethnic divisions across the country and a strong sense of misplaced anger. The Remain campaign was led by a government that would not point to itself or the structural failures of British democracy as the cause of the disenfranchisement and disillusionment motivating the Leave vote. 

If we are to heal these divisions, if we are to move forward united, if we are to reclaim control, reclaim our democracy, it is clear that we must come together and reform our broken political system.

Join us as we campaign for a greener and brighter Cambridge; a city whose heart clearly beats green. To respond to our huge growth in membership, the support from the community and the election of our first Green councillor for several years we have developed an exciting events calendar. This includes:

  • Green Social on the 18th of every month; this is a fun get together for members and supporters to discuss anything. 
  • Exploring Policies every six weeks; an open space meeting to discuss and engage with our policies.
  • A quarterly membership meeting; an opportunity for the committee to report back to members about the progress of the party and answer members' questions. 

We work tightly with the Cambridge Young Greens and South Cambridgeshire Green Party to organise talks, engage in local campaigns and participate in significant demonstrations.

Peace and Green Wishes,
Anna Merhart and Mark Slade
Cambridge Green Party Convenors

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