‘Abolish SATS and allow our teachers to inspire’ says Stuart

15 May 2017

Green MP candidate for Cambridge backs teachers' and parents' calls to fully fund education.

Greens outline Europe policy

02 May 2017

Green Party will push for ‘ratification referendum’ on EU deal, with option to stay in the EU

Nurses are using foodbanks and the reasons aren’t complex

02 May 2017

Stuart, MP Candidate for Cambridge, responds to Theresa May as she dodges questioning on Andrew Marr

Stuart backs call to scrap tuition fees and reinstate education maintenance grants

26 April 2017

Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley says ‘Students need a life-raft in the Brexit storm’

‘People should have their say on whether to accept the proposed Brexit deal’ says Stuart

21 April 2017

Green MP candidate backs a vote on terms of EU withdrawal as Labour rules out holding second referendum

Stuart urges voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’ as MPs vote to allow general election

19 April 2017

Green Party leaders float idea of centre-left ‘progressive alliance’ in certain areas

Greens launch campaign to keep IVF on the NHS

03 April 2017

Green MP candidate Stuart Tuckwood says its “unacceptable to take away many people’s only hope of conceiving a child”

Green Party Welcomes Plans to Install Taxi Charging Points

31 March 2017

Cambridge has been awarded £426,000 to install new charge points for electric taxis in the city.

Green councillor glad to see strong community response to council moorings plans

13 March 2017

Cambridge Green Party joined majority of 800+ respondents in rejecting proposed doubling of houseboat fees

Green Party mayoral candidate promises to shake up bus network

13 March 2017

Julie Howell vows to use bus franchising powers to create an affordable, quicker, cleaner bus service

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