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Young Greens are the youth and student branch of the Green Party. We organise and empower young people and the wider student-movement to make radical change happen, inside and outside of the Party.

If you are a Green Party member aged below 30, or a full-time student, then you are a Young Green. However, you don’t have to be a member to get involved! Throughout the year we’ll organise exciting debates, guest speakers, pub trips, and help elect more Green Councillors through powerful action days. If you want to get involved in any capacity then join our mailing list, and follow us for updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

2022/23 Committee

Daniel Kittmer

Chair - Daniel Kittmer                    


Joshua Morris-Blake

Elections Officer - Joshua Morris-Blake

Elliot Tong

Treasurer - Elliot Tong



George Stannard

Press and Social Media Officer - George Stannard 


Chloe Mosonyi

Secretary - Chloé Mosonyi


Green silhouette

Events/ campaigns officer - vacant


The Young Greens stand for:

Climate justice

  • Implement a global Green New Deal, mobilising our huge economic resources to drive a rapid transformation of our economy away from fossil fuels and destructive polluting industries
  • Create millions of well-paid, unionised and green jobs in renewable energy, transport, land management and other sectors essential to decarbonising the economy
  • Apply a Carbon Tax on all fossil fuel imports and domestic extraction, rendering coal, oil and gas financially unviable

Social justice

  • Bring energy, water, railways, buses, the Royal Mail and care work back into public ownership to give communities real control of the public services that has been lost over the past 30 years
  • Phase in the introduction of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) sufficient to cover an adult’s basic needs. UBI will be an unconditional payment, paid to all UK residents regardless of employment status
  • Reverse a decade of cuts to local councils and reopen vital social services like youth centres to provide more opportunities for young people

Housing justice

  • Introduce a Living Rent through rent controls, ban ‘No Fault’ evictions, and fund councils to fight ‘slum landlords’
  • Empower renters unions to allow collective bargaining on rent prices and expose exploitative landlords
  • Empower local councils to bring empty homes back into use and create a total of 100,000 new homes for social rent a year, built to the Passivhaus standard

Workers' rights

  • Increasing the Living Wage to at least £12 and extending it to workers aged between 16 and 21, ending age discrimination
  • Ensure that apprenticeships and internships are fully paid at living wage or above
  • Ban ‘zero-hours’ contracts and change the law to recognise ‘gig’ workers and afford them full employment rights

Free and fair education

  • Scrap student tuition fees in Higher Education, re-introduce the Educational Maintenance Allowance, and cancel all student debt issued by the Student Loans Company
  • Increase school funding to provide a varied curriculum and smaller class sizes
  • Reverse the academisation of schools, resist the creation of new grammar schools and remove private schools’ charitable status

Freedom from oppression

  • Replace the current system of prohibition with an evidence-based, legalised, regulated system of drug control
  • Decriminalise sex work involving consenting adults, affording sex workers full workers’ rights
  • Update the Gender Recognition Act to allow for the self-identification of trans and non-binary individuals

Radical democracy

  • Introduce Proportional Representation for all elections and scrap the House of Lords, replacing it with an elected chamber
  • Introduce Votes at 16 and introduce compulsory political education in our education system
  • Introduce a Digital Bill of Rights and ensure independent regulation of social media providers.