Virgil Ierubino - Our Candidate for Petersfield

Local Campaigner and Project Manager

Virgil is your Green Party candidate for the City Council on 2 May 2019. He is a local campaigner and project manager living in Petersfield.

  • Long-Term Local Resident
  • Active Community Contributor
  • Educational Technologist

Virgil is well-known around Petersfield for being passionate about improving the local area. “I’m standing as your candidate for the City Council because I want to enrich this area over the next 4 years,” he said. “And I’m standing with the Green Party because I care about the next 40 years, too.”

Virgil first arrived in Cambridge 12 years ago, and he now works creating educational technology. In his local community, Virgil has established a number of schemes for neighbours to share, socialise and help each other out – but there’s more that can only be done by putting more Green voices on the Council.

As a local resident, Virgil doesn’t feel the Council has been paying enough attention to our area. “The proposal to close Mill Road and East Road during peak hours would have caused that dangerous traffic to start doing rat-runs through our neighbourhood,” he said. “We have kids walking to and from school at those times.” Virgil campaigned with the Green Party to overturn this plan. “We need a proactive Councillor who’ll take bold steps to address the key problems we are facing.”

If elected to the City Council, Virgil would:

  1. Make roads safe for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Commuters are shooting up and down the streets we need to cross, causing accidents. Supporting alternative transport methods and providing truly cheap Park-and-Ride will reduce the number of cars. Meanwhile, roads need to be re-surfaced with durable materials and cycle lanes properly marked, making them safe both for cars and bikes.

  2. Support our local culture, spaces and activities. It’s easy to overlook their importance to our quality of life – until you lose them. We need places for local people to enjoy the arts, nature, activities and groups that bring them together. I’ll protect these from cuts and sell-offs, and invest in a strong Petersfield community.

  3. Bring environmental sense to Council decisions. For a modern, healthy and unpolluted City, we need solutions that are both effective and environmentally smart too. That includes investing in quality public transport, renewable electricity, and protecting and improving our green spaces like Mill Road Cemetery – so we can enjoy them for years to come.

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