Oscar Gillespie

Your Market Ward Councillor

Oscar Gillespie

Oscar Gillespie is the fourth Green councillor in Cambridge, and the only currently serving one, after being elected for Market Ward in 2015. Oscar is a Buddhist, a vegan, and unashamed to be an idealist. He believes in compassion, contemplation, and integrity, and thinks that governments should exemplify these values.

Since being elected, Oscar has served on the environment scrutiny committee, as well as the compulsory full council and West and Central area committee. He has also attended meetings of the strategy and resources committee, the planning committee and the licensing committee to scrutinise decisions and represent Market Ward residents.

The motions which Oscar has succeeded in passing have:

  • Had the council call on the government to retain the Human Rights Act
  • Had the council raise serious concerns about TTIP and its effect on local authorities,calling for an impact assessment
  • Had the council commit to providing more support for refugees, and to work with the national City of Sanctuary network to improve local awareness of the needs of refugees

Oscar also worked with Fossil Free Cambridgeshire to bring a motion to council calling for complete divestment from fossil fuels, and a commitment to a low-carbon future. He has spoken out repeatedly against government attacks on the environment, such as scrapping the zero carbon homes standard, solar feed-in tariff cuts, and support for neonicotinoids and fracking, and subsidies for oil, coal and animal agriculture.

Email: oscar.gillespie@cambridge.gov.uk
Twitter: @EveryoneMustWin
Blog: http://everyonemustwin.blogspot.co.uk/
Oscars council page can be found here.