Mark Slade - Our Candidate for Newnham

Local Campaigner and Entrepreneur

Mark Slade

Mark is your Green Party candidate for the City Council elections on 2 May 2018. He is a local campaigner, musician and business owner.

  • Long-Term Cambridge Resident
  • Co-Convenor of Cambridge Green Party
  • Active Campaigner

Mark Slade is a musician and local entrepreneur who grew up in Cambridge. Graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, he spent several years teaching English in Russia. When he returned to Cambridge, he founded Deleted Scene; an events management and music promotion business aiming to enhance and diversify the music and night scene of the city.

Interested in politics from an early age, he became politically active during his years at university and when he returned to Cambridge he joined the Green Party. Its critical stance on consumerism, prioritisation of environmentalism and unwavering fair social policy made the choice easy. As Cambridge Green Party convenor, Mark has played an important role behind the scenes to support Green Party campaigners and councillors.

If elected to the City Council, Mark would:

  1. Work with the Council to fulfil its pledge to become a zero-carbon city
  2. Push hard to improve the cycling infrastructure of the city so Cambridge can finally live up to its reputation as a cycling city
  3. Urge the Council to take a stronger stance against intervention from Westminster, in particular with housing developments

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