Lucas Ruzo

Local Campaigner and Conservationist

Lucas Ruzo

Lucas is your Green Party candidate for the City Council elections on 3 May 2018. He is a local campaigner and Conservationist.

  • Local Resident
  • Director of Citizen Zoo
  • Co-Founder of the Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services

Lucas Is the Director of Citizen Zoo, an organisation he recently founded with the mission of saving native threatened species from extinction, by developing projects which rely on local community participation for success. Before this, Lucas co-founded the Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services, a charity which develops nature based solutions to mitigating the impacts of climate change within civil society.

Lucas has been involved in Green Politics since studying at university in Edinburgh, where he was involved with the local Green group in several campaigns, most recently promoting Scotland's bid for independence. After finishing his graduate degree in England, Lucas moved to Cambridge to further his career in conservation, a place he now happily calls home.

As a convinced European, Lucas is passionate about promoting EU citizen rights within the United Kingdom and is ready to help solve many of the local issues that have now become a part of his daily routine - dealing with congestion, the high costs of living, homelessness and the ever-decreasing amount of public space which supports local wildlife.

If elected to the County Council, Lucas would:

  1. Promote increased road safety, by working towards making cycling safer for children and the elderly.
  2. Work to reduce fuel poverty, by lobbying the council to invest in improvements to local energy infrastructure/production.
  3. Reduce hate crime against EU citizens and minorities throughout the Cambridge, which has increased sharply post-brexit referendum.