Joel Chalfen

Local Campaigner and Lecturer

Joel Chalfen

Joel is your Green Party candidate for the City Council elections on 3 May 2018. He is a local campaigner and University lecturer.

  • Long-Term Local Resident
  • Fellow of Homerton College
  • Charity Founder and Worker
  • Formerly Co-Chair of Morley School Parents’ Association

Joel has lived with his family in Queen Edith’s ward since 2011. He works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education on Hills Road and is a Fellow of Homerton College. He is founder of a community arts charity and was co-chair of the parents’ association at Morley Memorial School.

“I joined the Green Party at the same time that I moved into Queen Edith’s. Settling into the place where I hope to bring up my children meant thinking about the world now and how it will be for my family as they grow. What attracted me to the Green Party is the emphasis placed on making the most of what we have rather than the constant pursuit for more. As the country faces an uncertain future outside the European Community, the need to build trust and recognise the contribution that everyone makes to our society becomes ever more urgent.

“Queen Edith’s is developing a strong culture of resident leadership, recognising the limitations of the current mechanisms for citizen engagement and representation. I am standing in the ward on a platform that is committed to supporting local knowledge, strengthening community resilience and deep engagement with all residents. As your councillor, I would want to work in the community to ensure that the issues that affect us all are approached, following the Green Party’s slogan, ‘For The Common Good’. Supporting vulnerable members of our community will always be a priority but everyone benefits from building respectful and resourceful communities.”

If elected to the County Council, Joel would:

  1. Establish regular communication with and between resident associations and other community organisations and initiatives.

  2. Focus on innovative, fair and sustainable transport solutions to the current desperate situation facing Queen Edith’s and Cambridgeshire more broadly.

  3. Advocate policy that ensures the quality and sustainability of our public services, particularly in education, social care and housing.