Jeremy Caddick

Local Campaigner and Dean of Emmanuel College

Jeremy Caddick

Jeremy is your Green Party candidate for the City Council elections on 3 May 2018. He is a local campaigner and the Dean of Emmanuel College.

  • Long-Term Local Resident
  • Dean of Emmanuel College
  • Former Governor of Parkside School
  • Well-Respected Local Campaigner

As a local activist he has led a campaign within the University of Cambridge for it to divest entirely from fossil fuels, and as a chaplain he was the first in the UK to say publicly that he’d conduct blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples. Jeremy has been pivotal in standing up against road closures, healthcare cuts, and unfair fee hikes for those living on the river.

As a long-term resident of this area, Jeremy is all too aware of the issues we face: "congestion and pollution, education, the NHS, homelessness and the cost of living here. We can't wait for Labour or the Lib Dems any longer." Jeremy wants to use "independent Green thinking", not the punitive approaches of other parties, to improve the area. "This is Cambridge, we can find intelligent solutions to solve problems without creating new ones."

If elected to the County Council, Jeremy would:

  1. Solve traffic chaos by offering alternatives that are genuinely better, like a frequent and reliable bus service, free park-and-ride, and safe, wide cycle paths.

  2. Save our healthcare services from the austerity cuts and private sell-offs that they’ve suffered at the hands of the Lib Dems and Labour.

  3. Cut air pollution and protect green spaces, using his and the Green Party’s environmental expertise to make investments that are smart, effective and sustainable.

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