Ceri Galloway - Our Candidate for Trumpington

Local Campaigner and Community Leader

Ceri Galloway and Jenny JonesCeri (right) with Baroness Jenny Jones

Ceri is your Green Party candidate for the City Council elections on 2 May 2019. She is a local campaigner and community leader in Trumpington.

  • Long-Term Local Resident
  • Active Leader of Community Projects
  • Former Vice Chair and Director of Trumpington Residents’ Association
  • Founding Member of Transition Cambridge

Ceri Galloway has been active in Green politics since the 1970s as well as the women's and peace movements. She has an enduring interest in community building, sustainable lifestyles, and promotion of local food production, energy efficiency and integrated transport. She is a founder member of Transition Cambridge.

She is a committee member of Trumpington Allotment Society, and a founder member and a management committee member of Trumpington Community Orchard Project. She was active member of the Transition Cambridge food group and the Transition Cambridge Permaculture culture-building group for many year before concentrating on Green Party committee work. She was vice-Chair and a director of the Trumpington Residents Association until February 2011. She worked with the other directors to bring the pavilion project (now run by the association) to fruition.

Ceri has a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy and worked as a complementary practitioner and teacher for ten years prior to working in the NHS. Currently she is focusing on becoming self-sufficient and co-ordinating a number of food related projects.

She and her partner have fully insulated their home, installed a solar water heating panel, 8 kilowatts PV and a wood stove to heat water by biomass.

If elected to the City Council, Ceri would:

  • Work to promote the best venue for the 3rd Station at Addenbrooke's, while working to make sure any environmental concerns are addressed especially relating to the impact on green belt are minimised.
  • Help to promote integrated care between Social services, the NHS and other providers for older and disabled people are addressed To scrutinise the decisions made relating to transport and the city deal, work to make transport links work towards reducing congestion and noise and air pollution in the city.
  • To find a solution for the getting from the guided busway to Long Road at the bridge/ underpass for young people accessing Long Road 6th Form College currently where they are crossing the guided busway.