Angela Ditchfield - Our Candidate for King's Hedges

Local Campaigner and Local Resident

Angela Ditchfield

Angela is your Green Party candidate for the County Council elections on 2 May 2019. She is a local campaigner and local resident in King’s Hedges.

  • Long-Term Local Resident
  • Passionate Campaigner for Rights and Justice
  • Charity Founder

I have lived in Kings Hedges since I finished Uni in 2004. During this time I worked for the University (Cambridge Assessment), set up a small charity and have enjoyed getting to know many local people and helping out those in poverty wherever I could. I have campaigned for a long term on issues of global justice, human rights and the environment.

More recently I have become passionate to campaign about increasing UK inequality too, and cuts to local services such as children's centres, libraries, and support for the elderly, mentally ill and unemployed. I've seen 'austerity policies' hit friends locally, and also gained empathy through my own experience of homelessness, mental health problems and a brain tumour meaning I had to rely on our precious welfare state and NHS for a while. I'm now a single mother, with one child at school and one I'm home educating; which again has enabled me to meet some more groups of people, and see some different issues people face.

I am delighted to stand for a party which tackles all these issues, with policies for the most vulnerable, and for seeking equality and a hopeful future for everyone, rich or poor, of whatever nationality. And even has a plan to tackle housing and traffic problems in Cambridge too!