The policies of the Green Party of England and Wales are decided by its members and are publicly available on the national policy website. As the Cambridge branch of the Green Party, we develop positions on topics of local relevance within the overarching principles set out by national policy.


The Green Party is proud that we do not "whip" our elected representatives on specific votes: we trust them to make their own decisions based on our strong shared set of values. This means that from MPs to local councillors, your Green representative is free to champion your interests to the best of their ability, according to their own principles and knowledge.


A Green Manifesto for Cambridge

Read our Green Manifesto for Cambridge here. This is an active document which we will continuously review and update with our members and Councillors.

Below are some examples of the work our Councillors and the local party has been doing to further the aims of our manifesto. Click on the topic heading below to jump to the relevant section.


Facing up to the Climate Emergency with real action

Protecting nature and green spaces for everyone

Building for the future

Revolutionising transport in Cambridge

Focusing on community to reduce inequality