Press release: Councillor Copley challenges County Council on pavement parking

11 July 2022

City Councillor Hannah Copley, Green representative for Abbey ward, is asking the County Council to ban vehicles from parking on pavements in Cambridge.

Councillor Copley said “Pavement parking is an ongoing problem in Abbey. I am constantly hearing from residents about how poorly-parked cars obstruct the pavements, putting children’s safety at risk and posing huge problems for wheelchair users, parents with buggies and people who are blind or partially sighted. Pavements also get damaged, with cracks and potholes adding to the accessibility problems. I have spent a lot of time speaking to the police and parking enforcement officers on residents’ behalf, and what I’m finding is that parking rules are completely unenforceable at the moment. We need a comprehensive pavement parking ban in Cambridge.”

Campaign group Living Streets Cambridge are currently working with the RNIB and Cam Sight to tackle the problem of pavement parking. They point out that Peterborough and other cities are already using civil parking enforcement powers to ban pavement parking, and there is nothing to stop Cambridge from doing the same. The new Integrated Parking Strategy currently being developed by the County Council and Greater Cambridge Partnership provides an opportunity to do this.

Green Councillor Naomi Bennett, also in Abbey ward, fully supports this campaign. She said “As a mobility scooter user myself I know first-hand how cars blocking the pavement turn what should be an easy journey into an obstacle course. We’re clearly not going to make any progress on this without a blanket ban on pavement parking.

“In the long term, the only solution to our traffic and parking problems is giving people real alternatives to private cars. Residents tell us they can’t afford to run a car but there are still so many barriers to walking, cycling or taking public transport. We need to listen to what people are telling us and make public transport and active transport quick, cheap, safe and practical.

Councillor Copley’s question will be presented to the County Council’s Highways and Transport Scrutiny Committee at a meeting on Tuesday 12 July. As well as calling for a ban on pavement parking, Cllr Copley is asking the Council to provide docking stations and racks for e-scooters to tackle the increasing problem of scooters cluttering up pavements.

Image: Councillor Copley on a street where cars are blocking the pavements

Cllr Copley in front of cars parked on pavement

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