Here’s why we’re standing in the City Council elections - Dan Kittmer

4 May 2022

Dan KittmerEddie WilkinsonDan Kittmer (Homerton College Environment Society Treasurer) and Eddie Wilkinson (former Emmanuel College Green and Ethical Officer) are standing as Green Party candidates for King’s Hedges and Petersfield wards in the May 5th Council elections.

In this article (originally submitted to Varsity), Dan shares some thoughts on the eve of the election.


As a student, it’s easy to feel your vote won’t count. As younger voters, we often find ourselves represented by candidates of an older generation; in 2018, over half of all councillors nationally were 60 or older. Cambridge City Council isn’t much better. Eddie and I are standing as candidates alongside a fantastic slate of Greens across the city to help address this imbalance. In the last election, the Green Party got 20% of the vote in Cambridge.  So Greens can win here, but we need your support.

We need a radical change in local politics. We need a council that listens to the student voice and which is proactively building a future for all young people.

Growing up in Nottingham, I’ve seen that councils dominated by a single party don’t govern effectively or deliver for their voters. Lack of scrutiny allows time and money to be wasted on proposals, such as the £150,000 sculpture in the river Cam, given the current cost of living crisis and concerns about the impacts of the sculpture on the City’s waterways. We need better accountability and the only councillors seriously holding the Labour-led Council to account are Greens.

Cambridge is suffering from an endless growth agenda, with economic interests and development prioritised over the needs of residents and students, many of whom struggle with the cost of living. The City has one of the highest rates of inequality in the country and our Green Councillors are working hard to address this. We must also reduce the cost of public transport: we know that fighting the climate crisis and inequality go hand-in-hand, and that both are essential for a sustainable Cambridge that works for everyone. Cambridge’s vulnerability to water scarcity is compounded by the climate crisis, and we are experiencing historic rainfall lows. The Council must heed our calls for a pause in development, for the sake of our own health, our river and our environment.

Within six months of being elected Green Councillors, Hannah Copley and Naomi Bennet successfully led the way in getting the Council to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – making Cambridge the first city in the UK to support it – as well as leading opposition to the Government’s authoritarian Policing Bill. They also brought a successful motion to Council to urge the Treasury to provide cash to help insulate and retrofit Cambridge homes.

With more Greens elected we can improve on these successes. The Cambridge Green Party is taking action in the city for:

  • improved cycle routes and safer junctions for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • consistent improvements to rental accommodation for students;
  • reliable and safe public transport for all;
  • improved air quality; 
  • protection of green open spaces to safeguard biodiversity; and 
  • protection of Cambridge’s rare chalk streams by halting water pollution and over-abstraction.

Cambridge Green Party’s full manifesto can be found here: Cambridge Green Party | A Green New Deal for Cambridge 2022.

It's time for Cambridge’s students and city residents to be properly represented.  The Greens are a force for change. Other parties tout their climate credentials, but the Green Party takes action. From fighting for fair pay for doctors to demanding the proper upkeep of bike lanes, supporting trans rights to protecting local services from cuts, the best choice on May 5th is Green.

Remember you can vote both in Cambridge and at home as a UK student, and EU citizens can still vote in this election if they have registered to do so.

The details of Green candidates standing this May are available here: Cambridge Green Party | Green Party candidates for the 2022 Cambridge City Council election


Wards with Cambridge University Colleges and ARU facilities are:

  • Castle – Churchill, Fitzwilliam, Lucy Cavendish, Murray Edwards and St. Edmund’s
  • Market – Christ’s, Corpus Christi, Downing, Emmanuel, Jesus, Pembroke, Peterhouse and Sidney Sussex
  • Newnham – Clare, Clare Hall, Darwin, Gonville and Caius, Kings, Newnham, Queen’s, Robinson, Selwyn, St. Catherine’s, St. John’s, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Wolfson
  • Petersfield – ARU Cambridge Campus, Hughes Hall
  • Queen Edith's - Homerton
  • West Chesterton – Magdalene 

Note - Girton College falls outside of the City Boundary

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