Cambridge Green Party celebrates a surge in support as it comes in as third largest party in local council election.

5 May 2019

We are celebrating an incredible set of local and national results. In Cambridge, we increased our vote share by 6% and moved from fourth to third place. This places us in a strong position to gain seats in the 2020 Cambridge City Council elections and to see the first Green MEP elected in the region on Thursday 23rd May. The Green Party is the East of England’s leading Remain Party, while in the European Parliament the Green Party is the UK’s biggest pro-EU party.

We are particularly happy with our result in Abbey ward, where our vote share increased by 12% and we jumped from fourth to second place after our targeted campaign for Naomi Bennett. In 2020, we will make Abbey Green again! Our successful local campaign reflects the national picture where the Green Party made historic gains across the whole country; with a gain of almost 200 new councillors.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to Councillor Oscar Gillespie whose term ended this year. Oscar has greatly contributed to this city with his tireless work to protect the historic market place, increase water refill stations to tackle plastic pollution, welcome and resettle refugees, stand up for the boating community and raise environmental concerns up the agenda. We wish him the best of luck with his future projects as we continue to learn from his experience.

Our membership is increasing and we have new activists coming forward every day. Help us seize the moment, keep the momentum rolling forward and make Cambridge Green.

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