Stuart Tuckwood stepping down

23 September 2018

A temporary goodbye from Stuart Tuckwood, our Cambridge candidate in the 2017 General Election


Stuart's letter to the members of the Cambridge Green Party:

Dear all,

As your general election candidate in 2017, I was delighted to have the opportunity to represent you and to put across our ideas and policies in the election campaign.

Though we did not do as well as we hadd hoped in the general election, I did have a great team working with me and I hope you feel like we represented you capably.

Unfortunately, I do not feel like I have been able to continue being the voice that the Green Party needs in Cambridge since the election because of my work, study and union commitments. I can only apologise for not being able to do more over the last year or so.

In my nursing career, I have been working towards the goal of being able to work overseas with NGOs in humanitarian work. I now have the opportunity to travel to work in Yangon in Myanmar for 6 months to help develop nurse education and the management of intensive care patients, from September.

I am planning to return to Cambridge after this project but cannot guarantee being able to be a general election candidate. Of course, given the state of UK politics currently, there could be a general election whilst I am away in which I would not be able to stand.

It was a pleasure meeting so many of you whilst campaigning and I've met so many great people through our work locally. I'm proud of our campaigning in Cambridge and what we've achieved. I am confident that some of the excellent representatives we have will be elected in years to come, they're needed now more than ever!

Thank you for all your support and good luck,


Stuart Tuckwood

Parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, 2017

We wish Stuart all the best in his work abroad, and thank him again for all he has done for the Green cause in Cambridge.

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