Stuart speaks up for schools as parents and teachers demand fair funding

30 May 2017

Green MP candidate for Cambridge joins local families and teachers at picnic protest

The Green MP candidate for Cambridge, Stuart Tuckwood, joined local families and teachers at a picnic protest on Friday in a Romsey park. Parents and children from St Phillip’s School were encouraged to join the busy picnic to protest against the government’s new ‘National Funding Formula’ which could result in significant cuts to Cambridge schools.

The Government’s new ‘National Funding Formula’ will mean real terms reductions in the funding spent per school pupil. Some schools in the Cambridge area face a reduction of £580 per pupil by 2019 and will be forced to lay off significant numbers of teachers to balance the books.

Stuart has already pledged to campaign against any reduction in school spending per pupil if he were elected. Nationally the Green Party has pledged £7bn investment to end the school’s funding deficit and would abolish primary school SATS testing, a move that’s very popular with parents and teachers.

Following the picnic, Stuart said;

“The potential funding cuts to our local schools are very worrying. Schools in this region have already been historically underfunded and I’m very concerned that headteachers will have to make decisions such as laying off teachers and increasing class sizes to balance the books.

Parents and teachers are very concerned by these plans and so I’m glad to have been able to come along and support their campaign. There were a good number of people here and I’ve learnt a lot from discussions with them. I’m glad to say I’ve already pledged to support their goals. If elected I would vote against any real terms cut in spending per pupil. Our policy is also to abolish primary school SATS tests and to bring academies back under local authority control, moves which are very popular with parents.

Teaching our children well and allowing them to enjoy their education is so important and I’d like to say well done to these campaigners for fighting for that.”

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