Important public consultations on transport: please respond if you can!

1 July 2022

Cambridgeshire residents are currently being consulted on three significant plans relating to transport and travel in our area. Cambridge Green Party has clear policies on transport and we'll be responding to reiterate our positions. It is also important that the local authorities hear from as many people as possible, so here are the consultation details in case you want to respond. We'll share our responses as soon as they're ready.

Cambourne to Cambridge busway

  • Who's consulting? The Greater Cambridge Partnership.
  • What's it about? Mitigating environmental damage from the proposed new busway between Cambourne and Cambridge.
  • How do I respond?  Via the online survey here
  • When's the deadline? 11 July 2022.

Cambridge Green Party has long opposed these proposals. Regardless of any mitigation that is put in place, the busway will destroy green belt land, is opposed by a majority of residents, has high embedded carbon costs, and is not an effective way to tackle traffic congestion. The Greater Cambridge Partnership needs to properly assess the alternatives. The busway proposal is also opposed by Cambridge Past, Present and Future, and Smarter Cambridge Transport have produced a detailed report setting out a better approach. 

A new road classification for Cambridge

  • Who's consulting? The Greater Cambridge Partnership.
  • What's it about? Proposals to change the categorisation of roads in the city. Cars, vans and lorries could be required to use main roads for as much of their journey as possible to reduce traffic on local roads and streets.
  • How do I respond? Via the online survey here.
  • When's the deadline? Midday on 18 July 2022.

Cambridge Green Party strongly supports the principle of limiting motor vehicle journeys while improving public transport links and making active travel safer and more enjoyable. It is essential that this is done in a way that benefits everyone, including disabled people and others with particular transport needs. Camcycle has produced a helpful set of suggested responses to the consultation questions.

Local Transport and Connectivity Plan

  • Who's consulting? The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.
  • What's it about? Updating the region's Local Transport Plan in light of changes to the local and global situation since 2020.
  • How do I respond? Via the online survey here.
  • When's the deadline? 4 August 2022.

Cambridge Green Party responded to the 2021 consultation, which was about 'shaping' this plan. The current consultation is seeking views on the draft plan itself. Our initial reactions are that we continue to strongly disagree with the focus on growth, and are extremely concerned at the lack of urgency shown in the 'ambition' for tackling climate change. We will be looking more at the specific proposals in the draft plan and will share our views here. 

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