In memory of Jo Snaith

15 December 2017

We have just received the sad news that longstanding Green Party member Jo Snaith has passed away. Jo was a passionate Green Party member for many years and will be warmly remembered, some of our members have shared their memories with us.

Ceri Galloway writes:

When I met Jo in about 2003, at first she didn’t seem the “typical” Green Party member. I had no idea of her history in the Green Party. At the time she was serving as treasurer to Cambridge Green Party, which she did conscientiously and diligently.

One day I asked her why she’d got involved in the Green Party. She replied that she felt passionately about green issues, and talked about it in a way that made me realise how important creating change for the future was to her. She thought that it was particularly important that we did something to raise awareness about global issues and she told me about her experience of living and working in Africa with John when they were younger.

Ceri Galloway, Cambridge Green Party

Shayne Mitchell writes:

I met Jo in the mid 1990s. She was a committed and stalwart member of the Green Party, who for many years turned up to every single monthly meeting and event of the Cambridge party. She was a breath of fresh air – unassuming, but quietly encouraging and thoughtful, and with a good sense of humour. She was a parish councillor for Milton for many years. Locally she served as treasurer and as membership secretary for Cambridge Green Party. In addition, she regularly attended meetings of the Eastern Region and represented the region on GPRC.

At the count at the Guildhall, Jo would be there, wearing her own idiosyncratic Green Party rosette – not a conventional one, but a creation of her own, a green Pony Club one with the “3rd” in the middle covered over. It amused her, and us, greatly. She had a great sense of humour and of the ridiculous, not taking herself too seriously, and having a lovely infectious giggle.

For a while Jo was events organiser. Memorably, she organised a sponsored bike ride out to the Swaffhams. We all had a great day, despite the drizzle, a day made all the better by Jo’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Jo was a good friend and a great support to Margaret Wright, who stood for Parliament for Cambridge and for the European Parliament for the Eastern Region (nearly getting in), and for the City Council, eventually being elected councillor for Abbey ward. Margaret esteemed her as a friend and valued her good sense.

Jo always believed in seeing the best in people, and sought to help where there was conflict.

We send our condolences to Jo’s family. Jo’s family was beloved to her, the centre of her life.

Shayne Mitchell, Cambridge Green Party

Angel Thomson writes:

I can’t remember when I first met Jo Snaith but it must have been at a Green Party regional meeting. She often organised food at those meetings when they were held in Cambridge. She was a kind calm influence & as others have said a good foil & support to Margaret Wright. I recall her telling me about how when her husband retired the university had organised a farewell meal & they had spelt her name wrong on the place setting which she found both funny & annoying. My surname often gets misspelt too so I understood. I took over from Jo as female rep on GPRC in 2001 & she gave me valuable advice about other members of GPRC & about how the meetings were run.

Angela J Thomson, Brentwood & Chelmsford Green Party

Simon Saggers writes:

Jo was such a gentle, wonderfully warm and kind woman who I always loved spending time with. She had a special gift of understanding and empathy which hugged you whenever she was around you. She will be greatly missed.

Simon Saggers, South Cambs Green Party (Bassingbourn)

Ellie Crane writes:

I met Jo a few years ago. I was standing in the local elections and Jo turned up at my door, very excited that Milton had a Green candidate and keen to know if she could do anything to help. Even though I only knew Jo in her latter years when her health was beginning to fade, she was always enthusiastic about doing anything active for the Green Party and we delivered a lot of leaflets together! I loved talking to Jo - the more I got to know her the more I realised what an extraordinary woman she was: so warm and generous and so dedicated to doing the right thing. I wish I’d met her years ago but it was a pleasure and a privilege to know her even for a short time.

Ellie Crane, South Cambs Green Party (Milton)

John Mattheson Suffolk Green Party would like to be mentioned in remembering Jo’s contribution to the Party.

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