Cambridge Green Party speak out in support of Young People vs UK Gov: Right to Life & the Paris Agreement

23 November 2021

Cambridge Green Party fully endorses the following statement from Dr Hannah Copley, Green Councillor for Abbey ward:

"I support Marina Tricks (20), Adetola Onamade (24) and Jerry Amokwandoh (22) who served the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Energy Minister legal proceedings for violating their human rights and the Paris Agreement. They have an appeal hearing at the Royal Court of Justice on 25 November, 2021, supported by Plan B and Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide!

"Their families in the Global South are at the front line of climate breakdown and by taking the UK government to court they are holding them to account for their complicity in the existential threat that climate breakdown represents.

"I am a doctor and medical researcher. There is currently overwhelming evidence of the huge risks that the climate emergency represents. There is also a complete lack of proportionate action from the UK Government, who are continuing with 'business as usual'. Their failure to create a plan with any change to limit global heating to the 1.5 degrees of the Paris Agreement will result in huge loss of life and dwarf previous disasters in its scale and impact. The climate emergency is already killing an estimated 150,000 people a year, predominantly affecting those in the Global South. As global heating continues, even more people will die from heat stress, malnutrition and disease.

“'Net Zero' by 2050 is too late and is akin to climate denial. Every fraction of a degree of global heating that is allowed to happen will cause numerous preventable deaths.The UK has an additional responsibility to act due to our historic emissions. The UK has less than 1% of the world’s population but is responsible for almost 5% of historic carbon dioxide emissions.

"The UK government is not a climate leader. Ongoing road building, subsidising of domestic flights and fossil fuelled cars; and cancelling greener homes grants and electric rail projects are not actions to take in a climate emergency. Proportionate climate action would have numerous benefits: meaningful green jobs, warmer better insulated homes, lack of waste with a circular economy, healthier cities without toxic air pollution, and flourishing wildlife and green spaces.

"There is no excuse for inaction. Marina Tricks, Adetola Onamade and Jerry Amokwandoh are bravely holding them to account."

Councillor Hannah Copley

Image: Councillor Hannah Copley

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