Greens outline Europe policy

2 May 2017

Green Party will push for ‘ratification referendum’ on EU deal, with option to stay in the EU

Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, is today announcing that her party will campaign for a ‘ratification referendum’ to be held once the terms of the deal negotiated between the UK and the EU are known.

The referendum would include an option to remain in the EU if a majority did not agree with the terms of the deal to withdraw.

The UK has two years after the triggering of article 50, commenced in March, to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal with the EU and the remaining 27 member states. A court case soon to be launched in Dublin intends to clarify whether the UK would be able to revoke the application to withdraw under Article 50.

Discussing the policy today at an event in London today, Lucas said;

“A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say over the major decisions that affect their lives.

That’s why the Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process. And it’s why today we are announcing our intention to push for remaining in the EU to be an option in a ratification referendum.”

Following on from the announcement, Green MP Candidate for Cambridge, Stuart Tuckwood, said;

“The people of the UK have a right to know the direction our country will take as we leave the EU.

During the 2016 referendum campaign no serious plan was laid before the British people about what Brexit would look like.

Once we know exactly what Brexit means, following the negotiations, the public are entitled to say whether they wish us to take that option.

If those leading Brexit are confident they are securing a good deal for the country, then they should have no fear or taking that deal to the people for approval.”

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