Greens disappointed in Cambridge but applaud national gains

9 May 2018

Green convener promises party will keep engaging positively in city

The Green Party was disappointed in its bid to have more councillors elected in Cambridge in the local elections on the 3rd of May.

The party gained 9% of the vote across the city and stood a full slate of candidates but were unable to have anyone elected to join the sole Green councillor, Oscar Gillespie.

Across the country the Green Party made significant gains, breaking onto several new councils and establishing themselves clearly as the country’s fourth largest party. In Peterborough, the Green’s previous candidate for mayor, Julie Howell, became the first ever Green Party councillor on the city council.

Discussing the elections, Green convener Mark Slade said;

"It’s exciting to see the Green Party nationally overtaking UKIP as the country’s fourth largest party. We continue to engage positively and hope to influence the direction of transport policy as we meet with the Mayor next month.

I’d like to thank all our volunteers for their hard work again locally and to the thousands who gave us their votes."

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