Green Party Welcomes Plans to Install Taxi Charging Points

31 March 2017

Jeremy CaddickCambridge has been awarded £426,000 to install new charge points for electric taxis in the city.

Cambridge will be one of 10 cities including Birmingham, London and Oxford, to be awarded funding from the Department of Transport. Their funding will come out of a £14 million budget.

The Cambridge Green Party welcomes this move, and sees it as part of a crucial process towards a greener city. The Green Party has been campaigning for years for people to use greener alternatives to diesel.

Jeremy Caddick, Green Party Candidate for Market Ward (pictured), is encouraged by these plans, and said;

‘I am delighted that we are finding ways of making it more possible to have electric vehicles in the city. Electric vehicles clearly represent the future, and we need to find ways of moving quickly to a clean and sustainable transport system for the City. The next step should be to find ways of replacing dirty, polluting diesel buses with clean electric ones.’

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