Press release: Cllr Copley joins 2,000 scientists and academics in calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

13 September 2021

Cambridge City Councillor Hannah Copley is backing demands for governments worldwide to halt expansion of fossil fuel use.

The Green Party representative for Abbey ward is among 2,000 scientists and academics, including more than 20 from Cambridge University, who have signed an open letter calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Cllr Copley, an Academic Clinical Fellow at Cambridge University Hospitals, says: “The recent IPCC report showed we are at ‘code red for humanity’.

We need to negotiate an international treaty to tackle the climate crisis at its source - fossil fuels.

"We need an urgent end to investment and development of fossil fuel infrastructure, and ongoing growth in fossil fuel use.

We must do everything we can to limit global warming to the only safe agreed limit - 1.5 degrees.

The burning of coal, oil and gas is the greatest contributor to climate change, producing almost 80 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

The Green Party says national governments and global organisations should focus urgently on delivering renewable energy for all, not subsidising or even expanding polluting industries that are killing the planet.

Cllr Copley added: “In Cambridge we have only six years of our current usage left until we reach our fair share of emissions to limit us to 1.5 degrees of warming. The industry has plans to continue expansion, including in the UK with the Cambo oil field, when we should be devoting all our energy to alternatives that would bring green jobs, liveable towns and thriving nature.

The open letter that Cllr Copley has signed urges governments to agree a Treaty that would set out a binding, global plan to:

  • End new expansion of fossil fuel production;
  • Phase out existing production of fossil fuels in a manner that is fair and equitable;
  • Ensure 100% access to renewable energy globally.

Click here for more details on the open letter and the Fossil Fuel Treaty organisation.

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