Press release: Climate Action – Cambridge must do better, say Greens

27 January 2022

Cambridge City Council has been revealed as one of the better Local Authorities when it comes to plans to tackle the climate crisis – but with a lot of room for improvement.

Climate Emergency UK, a not-for-profit campaigning organisation, has assessed all UK Councils’ written Climate Action Plans for the first time. They looked at the ambition of the strategies but also whether actions are specific and measurable and how the plans will be monitored. Cambridge City Council’s plan was awarded an overall score of 64%, compared to an average of 43% for all District and City Councils.

Matt Howard, local Green Community Support Officer, said “the Council can do better than this. We know that Cambridge’s citizens care deeply about climate and social justice, and our city hosts some of the top climate scientists and research organisations in the world. Greens believe Cambridge can and should be a national leader when it comes to tackling climate change.

Hannah Copley, Green City Councillor for Abbey ward, thanked Climate Emergency UK for their work. She said: “This is a really valuable exercise. It shows that Cambridge has a pretty good action plan but given the scale of the climate crisis we need to do better. We must build on the work that’s already been done and learn from other councils who are leading the way, like Somerset West and Taunton who scored 92%. We have declared a Climate Emergency – now it’s time for urgent and radical action.”

This year’s report only assessed written plans. Next year, Climate Emergency UK intends to examine the actions being taken, to assess whether Councils are on track to reach net zero emissions. At this point, 85 of the UK’s 409 Local Authorities do not have a written plan at all.


Images: Councillor Hannah Copley (left) and Matt Howard (right)

Hannah Copley

Matt Howard

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