Green Party Priorities for Cambridge City Council

26 April 2019

Cambridge Green Party announces key policy priorities in the run-up to the Thursday 2nd May elections for the City Council.

Carbon Neutral Cambridge by 2030 Transport policies

Construction/Building Developments Biodiversity

Carbon Neutral Cambridge by 2030

  • The council's declaration of climate emergency is not enough: it must be followed by meaningful action.
  • We will push for carbon reductions to start immediately, and
  • Create a workable plan with annual actions and targets for the Council to meet.

Strong Action to Tackle Biodiversity Emergency

  • Preserve and increase public green spaces and trees.
  • Phase out the use of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Plant wildflowers on verges and roundabouts.

Green Developments for the Community

  • Provide proper scrutiny during the planning stages to ensure developments are environmentally-friendly and benefit the local community;
  • Demand thorough enforcement of accountability when developers fail to deliver on agreements.

Affordable and Convenient Green Transport

  • Reduce the need for car travel by improving public transport through appropriate investments.
  • Ensure public transport plans are affordable and convenient including free travel for children.
  • Making cycling and walking safer and easier.

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