Cambridge Greens to stand full slate in city elections

9 April 2018

Candidates from across Cambridge call for ‘fairer, sustainable’ city

The Green Party will be standing a full slate of candidates in the local elections in Cambridge on the 4th May, hoping to add further representation on the city council.

Nationally the Greens are contesting over 2200 seats, including in London, where the party is fielding more candidates than ever before.

In Cambridge, Green representatives are campaigning for more action to cut down on air pollution and carbon emissions, as well as further expansion of affordable and social housing.

Green city councillor for Market ward, Oscar Gillespie, has recently been pressing for investment in the marketplace, a reduction the use of disposable plastics locally, and further support for shared car clubs with electric vehicles.

Green candidates for the city elections include Jeremy Caddick, the Dean of Emmanuel College, an activist and local campaigner who has been influential in the push to force the University of Cambridge to divest its money from fossil fuel companies.

Also standing are; Ceri Galloway in Trumpington, an experienced activist who helped found Transition Cambridge and who has been a key part of the Trumpington Resident’s Association, and Mark Slade, the party’s local convenor, in Newnham, as well as a number of other excellent candidates.

Discussing his candidacy, Jeremy Caddick said;

‘Cambridge needs a Green vision for a healthy city. We can make Cambridge a better place to live by imaginatively tackling problems such as air quality and congestion. Having more Green councillors challenges the tired old certainties of the other parties, bringing a refreshing independence and new ways of thinking.

Green Party councillors will hold councils to account and ensure better decisions are made for local people.’

The party’s 2017 general election candidate, Stuart Tuckwood, added;

‘Green councillors around the country have made fantastic contributions and improvements for local residents. There is much that can be improved in the way Cambridge is run locally and every Green voice elected will push for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable city.’

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