Cambridge Green Party's response to the Cambridge-Cambourne busway consultation

10 July 2022

Cambridge Green Party has responded to the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) consultation on proposed environmental mitigation for the Cambourne-Cambridge busway.

We continue to oppose the plans for following key reasons:

  1. A less damaging and more effective alternative has been worked out and already presented to the GCP by Cambridge Past, Present and Future (Cambourne to Cambridge: In-Highway Proposals for High Quality Public Transport Scheme, Feburary 2021). We ask the GCP to adopt these proposals.
  2. The project has high embedded carbon costs.
  3. It will destroy precious green belt land amidst a climate and biodiversity emergency.
  4. It has been opposed by a significant number of Cambridgeshire residents so it doesn’t have a democratic mandate.
  5. Lessons need to be learned from the busway we already have. It has been found that repairs have drained millions from local taxes and that the design has safety flaws and service issues. 

Read our full response here.


The consultation can be found here and closes at midday on Monday 11 July 2022.

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