Cambridge Green Party to stand a full slate of candidates in the Cambridge City Council Elections

12 April 2019

With 70% female candidates, this will be the fifth consecutive year that the Cambridge Green Party has fielded a full slate of candidates for the local elections; providing Cantabrigians with the opportunity to vote for a bold and progressive environmentally-focused party.

Vote Green in 2019

Whatever happens in Westminster and Europe, we can still make a difference here in Cambridge. The local elections in May 2019 are a chance to take a stand, to unleash the power of fresh thinking and communities to make lives better – to vote Green.

We are here to listen to residents and trust local people with the power to transform their lives and the places they love. We are here to listen and we are here to serve.

Our local priorities are:

  • Increasing scrutiny and accountability to ensure new developments benefit the local community and are environmentally-friendly;

  • Plant wildflowers on unused spaces such as verges or roundabouts, to help tackle the biodiversity crisis;

  • Ensure money earmarked for improving transport infrastructure is used to make public transport affordable and convenient for all.

#VoteforChange #VotefortheEnvironment #VoteGreen

Find your local candidate on our 'People' page.

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