Cambridge Green Party Launch Green Guarantees for Cambridge

31 May 2017

Yesterday evening Green Party supporters gathered at the Unitarian Church hall to hear the party’s plans for Cambridge.

Those who attended the event, heard a speech from local MP candidate Stuart Tuckwood and local council candidate Ceri Galloway.

Stuart said:

“At many of our hustings so far the focus has been on Brexit. What happens next as we negotiate our withdrawal from the EU will undoubtedly have significant ramifications for Cambridge, for our businesses, for the universities, for public services and for the wider city community, and I’m determined to closely scrutinise that process.

There is so much more that a Green MP could deliver for Cambridge. Hope and help for young people, better support for those on low incomes in the city, real action to prioritise home insulation and reduce fuel poverty. You can read all of these and more in the full outline of our ‘Green Guarantees.’”

The Party’s ‘Green Guarantees’, published last week, focussed on three main aims; a fair Brexit deal, a publicly funded NHS, and a sustainable future for Britain and the globe. The issue of climate change remains central to the manifesto and the Green Party aim to make the environment an issue taken seriously in government.

On this topic, Stuart said:

“We [The Green Party] would end the stranglehold of the Big Six energy companies and hand power, in both senses, back to communities by investing in and prioritising community owned renewable energy schemes.

It’s also vital we protect biodiversity, wildlife and clean air for our population. Which is why we would introduce a Clean Air Act to enshrine people’s right to breathe clean air, plan a diesel scrappage scheme and promote public transport more effectively.”

During the launch, concerns over the harmful levels of air pollution in the centre of Cambridge were discussed, along with questions on transport, taxation and food sustainability.

The ‘Green Guarantee’ is available on both the national and local websites.

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