23 June 2020

Green Party Press Release

For immediate release

June 23 2020


Cambridge Green Party condemns government plans to scrap reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

Boris Johnson’s government has recently stated they will scrap plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2014, measures that would allow people who are trans to self-identify. These plans were formed two years ago, following a public forum where 70% of the 100,000 people who took part supported the rights for trans people to self-identify. This is being done under the guise of ‘protecting’ single-sex spaces, such as bathrooms (and mirrors recent changes in the US to prevent trans people using bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity).

Peter Price (Social Media Officer for the Cambridge Green Party and Assistant Practitioner at Addenbrooke’s Histopathology) said: “Trans rights are human rights. In 2017, research by Stonewall found that 41% of trans people had suffered hate crime due to their gender identity. In 2018, the government’s Equalities Office national LGBT survey reported that 67% of trans respondents have avoided being open about their gender identity due to fear of negative reactions.”

In a move described as ‘trying to “placate” the LGBT+ community’, the government plans to ban gay conversion therapy - an abusive practice that has repeatedly been shown as ineffective. Denying the rights of trans people is not appeased by banning conversion “therapy” towards members of the gay and bi communities. The excuse given, of protecting same-sex spaces, such as bathrooms, does not stand up to scrutiny. Trans women would face relentless abuse in men’s bathrooms, and cisgender women are extremely unlikely to feel comfortable with trans men using women’s bathrooms. This move is especially hypocritical from a party adamant that “we must follow the will of the people” for the last four years.

Co-convener for the Cambridge Green Party and NHS Doctor, Hannah Charlotte Copley, said:
“There are national shortages of access to Gender Identity Clinics, trained clinicians to assess and treat trans people, and consequently long waiting lists. These are frequently in great excess to the 18 week waiting time targets for the NHS, with trans people often being without necessary psychological support, for a wait that can last over two years. This lack of access to appropriate healthcare is therefore yet another area of their lives where trans people face disadvantages.”

The Green Party proudly stands for equality, diversity, and inclusion. We support equal rights for all, including trans people. We call on the government to do the same. Trans rights are human rights.  



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