20 June 2020

Green Party Press Release

For immediate release

June 20 2020


As unemployment soars, the Cambridge Green Party says we must build back better.

Cambridge Green Party responded to reports  that unemployment in Cambridge has increased by 142% since the lockdown began by calling for a bold new approach to rebuilding the economy. Jeremy Caddick, Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge in 2019, said, 

“My heart goes out to every individual who has become unemployed and now faces uncertainty and instability. The government has offered some temporary relief but what happens next? This global pandemic has made it abundantly clear that our existing economic system is not fit for purpose.  We cannot move backwards and return to how things were; it will leave us vulnerable to future crises. We are in the midst of a climate emergency and can anticipate difficult times ahead. Therefore, we must build back a better economy; an economy that prioritises the health, security and well-being of everyone in our community and of our environment. Now, more than ever, is the time for bold thinking and bold solutions.” 

Earlier this week Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, called for a ‘ Back to Work Budget’(1). Replying Mark Slade, Cambridge Green Party Convenor, said 

“Not only do we have to get people back to work, we have to make sure jobs are in the right industries to  build a sustainable future. Massive public investment in a Green Recovery, on the scale of the Marshall Plan, is needed to set us on the right path. There is also a desperate need to recognise the value of carers to our society and ensure they are compensated fairly for their contribution. The debate around universal basic income must also be fast tracked so that everyone is secure in the event of a future crisis. The government must be willing to invest for a long-term and sustainable recovery.” 

On Thursday the Institute for Economic Affairs published a Special Report on a Sustainable Recovery (2), highlighting the scope to create millions of new jobs in adapting buildings, in renewable energy and in de-carbonising our transport system. 

The Cambridge Green Party urges Cambridge residents to join and support the Build Back Better campaign. More information can be found at buildbackbetteruk.org

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