Cambridge Green Party's response to the GCP road classification consultation

18 July 2022

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has consulted on its proposals to reduce traffic in Cambridge

Cambridge Greens welcome this consultation. We support a simplified version of the proposed road categories, which gives clear priority to active and public transport. To further increase safety, we call for a 20mph speed limit to be the default on all urban roads, and a ban on pavement parking to be implemented across Cambridge. We highlight the importance of getting the details right to ensure everyone can fully benefit from the proposed changes, and that disabled road users in particular are not disadvantaged.

Our overarching concern is the number of overlapping yet separate transport consultations taking place, with an apparent lack of any top-down transport strategy. Cambridge Green Party calls for a clear set of specific objectives for transport in our region (of which reducing car use should be a key aim), agreed by the Combined Authority, Greater Cambridge Partnership and individual local authorities, and for all subsequent documents published by these bodies to state how they will work alongside other plans to achieve these objectives.

Read our full response to the consultation here.


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