Press release: Cambridge Green Party to stand candidates in every available City Council seat in May local election

2 April 2022

The Green Party is standing a candidate in every City Council seat up for election on 5th May 2022, giving residents in fourteen wards across Cambridge the chance to Vote Green – from Abbey, Arbury and Castle to Newnham, Petersfield and Romsey.

Last year, the Greens gained two seats on the City Council, both in Abbey ward, and won 20% of the vote across the City as a whole. This year, they hope to build on that success by increasing their number of councillors on the City Council.

Matt Howard, community activist and Green candidate for Abbey ward, said “Green policies have never been more necessary than they are now. The residents we are speaking to care about a secure future – many are struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table. We want community and a society which focuses on wellbeing and resilience, not endless growth and profit. We want a democratic system which doesn't line the pockets of the wealthy while hurting people and destroying the environment we depend on. We want solutions that focus on what people need:  warm, secure homes; access to the basics like good food and healthcare; strong communities; a stable climate; and a thriving, green local environment. This is what Green politics is all about, locally and nationally, and that’s why I’m standing for the Green Party.

Naomi Bennett, Green City Councillor for Abbey ward, said “In our first year of office, my colleague Cllr Hannah Copley and I have been working hard in our ward, supporting the community and helping residents get their voices heard in issues such as local planning. In the Council chambers we have strongly opposed the growth agenda, advocated for policies to benefit the most disadvantaged people in Cambridge, and challenged the Council to do more to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies. I think we have demonstrated the good that just two Green councillors can do and I hope we are joined by more Green colleagues this May.”

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