‘Abolish SATS and allow our teachers to inspire’ says Stuart

15 May 2017

Stuart, Green MP candidate for Cambridge, backs teachers' and parents' calls to fully fund education.

The Green MP candidate for Cambridge, Stuart Tuckwood, has announced his party will end the funding gap for schools, pledging a £7bn boost to ensure a real terms increase in funding per pupil.

A movement of teachers, headteachers and parents is challenging the Government’s new ‘National Funding Formula’ which will mean real terms reductions in the funding spent per school pupil. Some schools in the Cambridge area face a reduction of £580 per pupil by 2019 and will be forced to lay off significant numbers of teachers to balance the books.

Stuart has spoken out as the Green Party’s MP Candidate for the Isle of Wight, Vix Lowthion, unveils the party’s new education policy. The Greens would;

  • Invest £7bn to fill the funding gap for schools
  • Abolish SATS testing
  • End the academies programme and bring existing academies under local authority control

Responding to the announcement of the policy, Stuart said;

It’s so important we have an education system in this country that allows our teachers to inspire and allows our children to learn properly and enjoy their education.

The most fundamental resource for this is funding and I’m determined to oppose the Government’s planned new funding formula which will mean big cutbacks for schools in Cambridge. We would immediately invest to plug the £7bn funding deficit for schools and ensure funding per pupil increases.

And whilst schools are getting less resources, more and more is being asked of our teachers and of children. Testing at such a young age saps the fun and enjoyment out of education and so we would back teacher’s calls to end SATS testing.

And it’s not right that the academies project means schools end up controlled by business, not accountable to parents and local communities. We would bring existing academies back under local authority control so that our children’s education is in the hands of communities and parents.’

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