Consultations are a chance to let the authorities know what you think about certain issues. As the local Green Party, we do our best to respond to consultations where we feel we have a contribution to make. It's important that as many people as possible engage with decision-making processes so that all views are reflected. You may want to consider responding to some of the consultations listed below.

You can find out about Cambridge Green Party policies, and read our responses to previous consultations, at Our Policies.

Current and upcoming consultations 

We do our best to keep this list up to date. If we're missing anything important, please let us know!

Consult Cambs is a hub for all Greater Cambridge Partnership consultations and worth keeping an eye on.

Water Resources Plan for the East of England, by Water Resources East. Options for meeting the growing water demand in our region in the face of worsening shortages. Deadline 28 February 2022.

Mill Road, by Greater Cambridge Partnership. "The future of Mill Road and how it could be improved". Workshops on 22 and 26 February now open to register, public consultation to be launched shortly.

Useful sources of information

There are many organisations in Cambridge campaigning for a more equitable and sustainable future. It can be useful to look at what they are saying on particular issues and deciding if you want to use their points in your consultation responses. Here are some examples: