Naomi and Jeremy talking to public

Meet your Green candidates for the 2021 local elections

Your Councillor Candidates in Abbey

In May 2021, three City Council seats and one County Council seat will be up for election in the Abbey ward of Cambridge. Greens are standing for all four seats. Find our more about our campaign on our Greens4Abbey website, and keep up to date with news from our community volunteer team on Facebook @Greens4Abbey.

Jeremy Caddick  Naomi Bennett  Hannah Charlotte Copley  Matt Howard 

Jeremy Caddick,
County candidate

Naomi Bennett,
City candidate

Hannah Charlotte Copley,
City candidate

Matt Howard,
City candidate

Your Councillor Candidates across Cambridge

We're standing candidates for all 54 City and County Council seats in Cambridge for the elections on 6 May 2021. Here's the full list, in alphabetical order by ward.

Group photo of Abbey candidatesAbbey

City candidates: Naomi Bennett, Matt Howard, Hannah Copley
County candidate: Jeremy Caddick 


Stephen LawrenceArbury

City candidates: Stephen Lawrence (pictured), Katrina Barnes, Tracy Bend
County candidate: Stephen Lawrence


Simon BaronCastle

City candidates: Simon Baron (pictured), James Murray-White, Amber-Page Moss
County candidate: 
Simon Baron


Richard PotterCherry Hinton

City candidates: Richard Potter (pictured), Eli Lagfere, Caitlin Patterson 
County candidate: Richard Potter


Elizabeth MayChesterton

County candidate: Elizabeth May (pictured)



Sara LightowlersColeridge

City candidates: Ian Webb, Sara Lightowlers (pictured), Bridget Bradshaw



Elizabeth MayEast Chesterton

City candidates: Elizabeth May (pictured), Gareth Bailey, Peter Pope



Mark SladeKings Hedges

City candidates: Mark Slade (pictured), Adrian Matthews, Julia Tozer
County candidate: Mark Slade


Nicola ElliottMarket

City candidates: Nicola Elliott (pictured), Emma Garnett, Izzy Thomas
County candidate: 
Nicola Elliott


Shanna HartNewnham

City candidates: Shanna Hart (pictured), Beverley Carpenter, Brett Hughes
County candidate: 
Shanna Hart


Eddie WilkinsonPetersfield

City candidates: Eddie Wilkinson (pictured), Kris Strug, Jenny Richens
County candidate: Eddie Wilkinson


Queen Ediths

City candidates: Jacqui Whitmore, Simon Whitmore, Peter Price
County candidate: 
Jacqui Whitmore

Elisabeth WhitebreadRomsey

City candidates: Elisabeth Whitebread (pictured), Suzie Webb, Sarah Nicmanis
County candidate: 
Elisabeth Whitebread


Ceri GallowayTrumpington

City candidates: Ceri Galloway (pictured), Sue Wells, Hero Tardrew
County candidate: 
Ceri Galloway


Roger GiddingWest Chesterton

City candidates: Roger Giddings (pictured), Har Hari Kaur, Shayne Mitchell