News from 2019 and earlier


22 November: Greens announce manifesto to unleash a Green economic and social revolution

2 September: Cambridge Greens Launch Breathing Cities Campaign

28 May: Greens Win First MEP for the East

9 May: European Elections 2019

5 May: Support surges to 3rd largest in city council election

26 April: City Council Priorities 

12 April: Cambridge Green Party to stand a full slate of candidates in the Cambridge City Council Elections


26 November: Jeremy Caddick: Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge Green Party

23 September: Stuart Tuckwood stepping down

20 August: Closure of hospital beds for people with learning disabilities?

13 August: Virgil Ierubino stands for the Cambridge Green Party in the Petersfield by-election

6 August: In response to the resignation of Councillor Sinnott

9 May: Greens disappointed in Cambridge but applaud national gains

9 April: Cambridge Greens to stand full slate in city elections

9 March: Transition Cambridge car club survey

7 March: Cambridge Green figures slam University decision on fossil fuel divestment 


15 December: In memory of Jo Snaith

12 June: Stuart acknowledges ‘tough result’ but applauds desire for change

31 May: Cambridge Green Party Launch Green Guarantees for Cambridge

30 May: Stuart speaks up for schools as parents and teachers demand fair funding

15 May: ‘Abolish SATS and allow our teachers to inspire’ says Stuart

2 May: Greens outline Europe policy

2 May: Nurses are using foodbanks and the reasons aren’t complex

26 April: Stuart backs call to scrap tuition fees and reinstate education maintenance grants

21 April: ‘People should have their say on whether to accept the proposed Brexit deal’ says Stuart

19 April: Stuart urges voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’ as MPs vote to allow general election

3 April: Greens launch campaign to keep IVF on the NHS

31 March: Green Party Welcomes Plans to Install Taxi Charging Points

13 March: Green councillor glad to see strong community response to council moorings plans

13 March: Green Party mayoral candidate promises to shake up bus network

11 March: Cambridge Green Party select new Parliamentary Candidate

6 March: Green mayoral candidate pledges to take average regional salary if elected

23 February: Greens look forward to showdown over market and moorings

12 February: Cambridge City Greens begin process of selecting new parliamentary candidate

24 January: Angela stands trial for disrupting nuclear weapons facility

23 January: Ceri Galloway at the Women's March

23 January: Mayoral race heats up as Green Party co-leader helps candidate launch campaign

19 January: Greens announce mayoral and local candidates

17 January: Green councillor challenges council over rent hikes for market traders


16 December: Local Green Party joins opposition to City Deal’s West Fields plans

29 November: Larry Sanders calls for fair funding of local health services on Cambridge visit

22 November: Green activists pressure University of Cambridge to back fossil fuel divestment

21 November: Cambridge Greens reject final devolution offer

11 November: Final vote on elected mayor imminent

1 November: Jonathan Bartley slams government refugee policies on Cambridge visit

20 October: Greens take debate on climate change to council chamber

9 October: Green councillor challenges council over boat proposals

21 September: Working for peace and understanding

11 September: Co-convenor Sharon Kaur Speaks At Cambridge Stays Rally

3 September: Green Party Elect New Leaders 

15 August: Greens Urge Residents to Reject Devolution Proposals

15 August: Starting to Build a Progressive Alliance in Cambridge

2 July: Oscar votes against plans for regional mayor

26 June: Cambridge Greens on the EU referendum results

22 June: Cambridge Greens, have your say on devolution for East Anglia

22 June: Cambridge Green Party figures urge supporters to vote remain

16 June: Greens supporting 'Rally for Remain'

1 June: Cambridge Green reaction to revised City Deal proposals

24 May: Natalie Bennett in Cambridge to make the Green case for the EU

11 May: Greens remain optimistic despite tough election battle for city council

3 May: Greens unveil route-map to 'zero-carbon' Cambridge

23 April: Clean Councillor Pledge

21 April: Cambridge Greens to join property investment protest 

16 April: Angela acquitted of all charges in arms fair protest trial

12 April: Greens unveil city wide council slate and 2016 manifesto for Cambridge

12 April: Trial begins for Cambridge anti-arms trade campaigner

1 April: Natalie Bennett to join candidates to launch 2016 Cambridge Green manifesto

21 March: Council Climate Change Strategy a ‘missed opportunity’

19 March: Green Councillor calls for investment in the market

9 March: Green candidate challenges MP to back the NHS Bill 

2 March: Cambridge City Council passes Green motion on tax avoidance

23 February: Green councillor Oscar Gillespie proposes tourist levy

23 February: Cambridge Greens plan fair tax challenge for council contracts

20 February: Why the University of Cambridge must divest from fossil fuels 

12 February: Response to City Deal consultations on Histon Road, Milton Road and Cross City Cycling

27 January: Mill Road student flat decision condemned by Green campaigners

12 January: 'Support our doctors' say Cambridge Greens

11 January: Greens urge Cambridge City Council to aim for zero carbon

2 January: Cambridge City Council Climate Change Strategy - have your say


24 December: Cambridge Green Party’s General Meeting calls out UK government’s hypocrisy after Paris Climate Deal and expresses support for Stop The War coalition

15 December: COP21; Cambridge Greens react

13 December: Green Councillor Oscar Gillepsie Comments on Milton Road Tree Cutting

2 December: Cambridge Greens say 'Don't bomb Syria'

26 November: Sign the Cambridge Climate Change Message

26 November: Cambridge Week of Action on Climate Change

7 November: Fossil Fuel Rally on Cambridge TV

7 November: Stuart Tuckwood on the situation at Addenbrooke's Hospital

5 November: Amelia Womack visits Cambridge

5 November: Greens welcome halt to council ward changes

28 October: County Council cuts are a ‘desertion of the vulnerable’

27 October: Cambridge Green Activist puts UK Arms Trade in the spotlight

23 October: Oscar: ‘let’s make Cambridge a City of Sanctuary for refugees’

23 October: Cambridge City Council set to divest from fossil fuels

25 September: Greens welcome agreement of Sustainable Development Goals

13 August: Green council victories on the Human Rights Act and TTIP

13 August: Correction of line chart in Romsey 'Thank You' Leaflet

9 July: Cambridge Greens welcome foundation of ‘Women for Equality’ branch in Cambridge

9 July: Dr. Rupert Read predicts ‘budget of growth: growth of debt, homelessness and poverty’

26 June: Would you like to see a green government?

4 June: Greens announce candidate for the 25 June County Council by-election in Romsey

29 May: Cambridge Green Party Ceilidh with The Jumping Beans!

20 May: “The dust has settled” concert fundraiser

18 May: Oscar Gillespie's response to the Central Library consultation

14 May: Thankyou to Green voters

9 May: Greens break through in Market Ward!

2 May: Celebrities endorse Rupert Read

1 May: VoteSwap - Don't do it

26 April: World Day for Animals in Laboratories

23 April: Greens twice as popular as Lib Dems among Cambridge students

18 April: Natalie Bennett launches food bank report in Cambridge

14 April: Greens launch national manifesto - comment from Rupert Read

3 April: Cambridge candidates speak after leaders debate

2 April: Greens show ‘there is an alternative’ as age of multi-party politics dawns

2 April: Greens the most popular party amongst Cambridge young voters

30 March: Rupert Read on the budget - Cambridge News

26 March: Greens call time on clock changes

26 March: Cambridge Green Party 2015 manifesto launched

19 March: Cambridge News reports on Dr. Allyson Pollock's talk

15 March: The NHS - not for sale! With Allyson Pollock

11 March: Melanie Joy brings "Beyond Carnism" to Cambridge

11 March: Clean Campaign Pledge

5 March: Cambridge Greens head to Party's Largest Ever Conference

16 February: Rupert Read in defence of the NHS

16 February: 2 Minute Reads

14 February: Open letter on Global Divestment Day

10 February: Richard Murphy speaking on Wednesday 11th February

26 January: Market Ward candidate Oscar Gillespie protests against fracking

26 January: Congratulations Syriza! 

24 January: A public apology by Rupert Read

19 January: Press release - A Green MP for Cambridge

19 January: Rupert Read and Natalie Bennett launch the Transport Greenprint

16 January: “Greenprint” for city transport released

4 January: Another obituary for Simon Sedwick-Jell, in the Guardian

2 January: Greens urge railway renationalisation in Cambridge Station demo

1 January: Have a Happy, Green 2015!


21 December: A letter from Ceri Galloway to the Cambridge Evening News

17 December: Tribute to the late Simon Sedgwick-Jell

15 December: An open letter about voting for what you believe

7 December: Greens at the Mill Road Winter Fair

1 December: Young Greens from the Eastern Region organise and canvass in Cambridge

23 November: Rupert Read comments on the Rochester and Strood by-election

12 November: Cambridge News reports on five-way contest in the 2015 elections

6 November: Rupert Read speaks on devolution

3 November: Greens to take Cambridge in 2015?

13 October: Cambridge Green Party joins activists in protest against EU-US trade deal TTIP

7 October: Rupert Read announced as General Election candidate for Cambridge

19 May: End of fossil fuels in sight

19 May: Greens in second place for young people, says Ipsos MORI poll

9 May: Kat Boettge: Co-Operative Group's farms firesale is 'disgraceful'

6 May: Greens outpoll LibDems in east

25 April: Green Party Peer on Cambs doorsteps

16 April: Air Pollution Death-figures out today: Eastern Greens Respond

16 April: Urgent action needed on air pollution, say Greens

1 April: Stop the bus cuts!

25 March: Fighting children’s centre closures

22 March: Rupert Read, behind the headlines

11 March: Lead Greens launch sustainable economy event this Sat

30 January: Natalie Bennett at Keynes Hall Kings College 11th February at 7.30

10 January: Cambridge Green Party monthly meeting: Tuesday 14th January


8 December: Cambridge Greens Christmas Dinner 10 Dec

25 October: Cambridge Green Students Get-Together Weds 30th Oct

24 May: Picnic at Margaret Wright memorial orchard

29 April: Skewed Priorities Helped Ash Tree Disease and Threaten Further Outbreaks

26 April: Abbey Site for Margaret Wright Memorial

25 April: Green Party: a Choice not an Echo

23 April: A Green Voice For Cambridge

23 April: Candidates announced 

17 April: A choice not an echo

6 February: Talk by Natalie Bennett in Cambridge - February 15th


16 December: Paid coordinator

22 June: Margaret Wright

13 June: Women by Name

21 January: Cllr Pogonowski's letter to the Guardian 


29 December: Green News for Abbey and Riverside

13 October: Green News for Abbey and Riverside

13 October: Alternatives to Economic Growth

26 August: Update on Green Councillors' Activities

2 August: Hiroshima Memorial

2 May: Cambridge Greens Standing Up for Students

17 April: Local Manifesto Launch

10 April: Abbey Candidate Announced

21 March: Clamping Down on Tax Evasion

16 March: Clear Look at Nuclear Needed

15 March: Green Party Against Job Losses

12 March: Market Candidate Announced

11 March: Greens Against Bus Cuts

9 March: Rebuilding Abbey's Scout Hut

4 March: West Chesterton Candidate Announced

1 March: Alexandra Garden Trees

26 February: Green Councillor Backs Fur Ban

25 February: ‘Greens Only Real Opposition’ says Green Leader

20 February: Cambridge Greens Against Lib Dem Cuts-Budget

19 February: Wasted Money on Late-Night Planning Matters

18 February: Greens Propose Progressive Alternative Budget

16 February: County Councillor Calls for Allowance Cut

12 February: Caroline Lucas MP to visit Cambridge

8 February: Keep Lion Yard Disabled Loos Open

7 February: Rejecting the ‘Big Society’

7 February: Forest Sell-Off Outrage

6 February: Channel 4 Political Slot, Saturday 5 February: film asks, “What do you want your councillors to fight for?”

4 February: Midsummer Murders!

1 February: MPs to debate Green calls for overhaul of parliament

24 January: County Council's Independents change plans

23 January: The Idiot Cycle

21 January: Greens Favour Local Shopping Centres

20 January: War footing needed to tackle Climate Change

19 January: Tories and Lib Dems Axe EMA

18 January: Save Our Library!

14 January: Tenant Rent Surge

13 January: Lib Dems Slash Area Funding

4 January: VAT rise will hit worst-off, hardest

3 January: Cllr activity round-up


9 December: Cambridge Greens Oppose Fee Rise

23 October: Coleridge Bye-Election

23 October: Lib Dems Betray Young Voters

10 May: Another Abbey Councillor 

7 May: Cambridge Greens increase their share of the vote

3 May: Final days of the campaign

8 April: Greens confirm full slate for city

21 March: Red Ken supports the Greens!

21 March: Greens support Cambridgeshire against the cuts

3 March: Greens launch LGBT manifesto

11 February: Thom Yorke supports Cambridge Greens

27 January: James Youd blames lack of gritting on poor communication

23 January: Cllr Sedgwick-Jell speaks out against cuts


11 December: A missed opportunity to tackle emissions


5 November: Juniper pays tribute to Howarth

25 October: Greens present petition to full Council

22 October: Cambridge party states support for postal workers

22 October: Cllr Simon Sedgwick-Jell questions the Tories commitment to localism

28 September: Labour left "now has more in common with Lucas" than with own leadership

15 September: Simon calls for the Co-op to rethink its affiliation to New Labour 

14 September: Apple Press is Stourbridge Fairs main attraction

10 September: Juniper highlights government failings on the environment

4 August: James Youd hits out at Mandelson

1 August: Cllr Sedgwick-Jell calls for gritting

18 July: Rich Pickings in Abbey

10 July: Cambridge Greens only party to publish expenses

15 June: Sedgwick-Jell scathes Labour and Tory cuts

10 June: Greens beat Labour across city!

6 June: Greens sail to victory in Abbey

2 June: Cllr Wright condemns attack on taxi driver

1 June: A Green vote is a positive one says Juniper in the Guardian

27 May: Joanna Lumley Backs Green Party for June 4th

24 April: Porritt backs Greens for Cambridge County and Euro's

24 April: Tony Juniper's Budget Response

23 April: The Budget - more missed opportunities say Greens


23 March: Juniper on why he turned to politics

21 March: Greens call Post Office bike policy crazy

15 March: Juniper addresses Age of Stupid Premier

27 February: James Youd slams a lack of joined up thinking

18 February: Flood Defence Warning System Not Watertight

13 February: "Take responsibility" Councillor tells County

9 February: Councillor outraged at County blaming Government 

4 February: Juniper calls for cycling conditions to be broadcast

2 February: Greens protest at icy cycle-ways

29 January: Student protest ends!

27 January: Councillor escorted from Gaza protest

22 January: Tony's promise of Green growth

21 January: Greens announce Juniper as Cambridge candidate

9 January: Welcome Home

5 January: Renationalise the railways

2 January: Disabled given just 20p more for taxi travel!


13 December: Black ice peril makes cyclists grit their teeth