What we've been doing

Councillor Naomi BennettCouncillor Hannah CopleyCambridge Green canvassersIn May 2021, two Green Councillors were elected to the City Council, both representing Abbey ward. They have spent the year working hard on behalf of Abbey residents and businesses, helping them access financial advice and support; reporting ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour; getting broken streetlights and play equipment fixed; escalating residents’ concerns about local development and much more. They are also active in pushing for wider change. Cambridge City Council became the first UK local authority to endorse a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty after unanimously agreeing a motion proposed by Councillor Hannah Copley. Councillor Naomi Bennett brought a successful motion to council to urge the Treasury to provide cash to help insulate and retrofit Cambridge homes. In May 2022, we hope that Hannah and Naomi will be joined by more Greens on the City Council so that we can become an even more powerful voice for social and environmental justice.

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