Meet our Green Candidates for the City Council elections, 5 May 2022

We have a full slate of candidates for the upcoming elections. You can find out a little about each of them here. Please do get in touch with any questions.

Candidate details

Matthew HowardAbbey - Matthew Howard

Watch Matt's campaign video here.

Matt loves Abbey. He is helping Cllr Hannah Copley and Cllr Naomi Bennett make Abbey a better place to live as part of our growing green team in Abbey and the wider City. Matt joined the Green Party to take positive action for people and the environment. He believes we must actively fight for fairness, locally and beyond. As an engineer he is used to dealing with difficult problems and finding solutions acceptable to all.

Matt's 4 pillars are:
- More protected Green space
- Better, greener transport
- Local wellbeing, not developer profit
- Building community to reduce inequality

Matt sees a strong Green future for Cambridge and is working hard to build an ever stronger team of campaigners, supporters alongside networks with local groups, charities, residents associations and community interest organisations. He sees how the importance and symbolism of building local resilience and sustainable habits must lead to the bigger shifts the world needs.


Stephen LawrenceArbury - Stephen Lawrence

  • Long-term resident and Green activist
  • Musician
  • Background in software engineering

Stephen has lived in Cambridge for over 30 years. After working as a computer software engineer, he studied conducting in St. Petersburg, and now teaches singing and performs around the region. Stephen has conducted the Cambridge Youth Orchestra and the University Opera Society. He has particular interests in money systems, philosophy and consciousness, all strongly bound up with green issues. He joined the Greens in 1999, when proportional representation was introduced in the EU voting system.


Peter PopeArbury (by-election) - Peter Pope

Peter grew up in Birmingham and came to Cambridge as a student in 1971. He has lived in Chesterton for over 30 years and works on energy technologies.

Peter joined the Green Party in 1989 and in the early 90's was active in the SOCAM campaign which stopped plans for a road over Ditton Meadows. A supporter of the Slower Speeds Initiative, he is keen to see the wider use of 20mph zones and would like a 50mph limit on the A14 to improve safety and reduce noise and emissions.

As a scientist he is committed to urgent action to combat climate change, especially investment to make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient. A Green economy brings new opportunities and is more respectful to Nature.


James Murray-WhiteCastle - James Murray-White

  • Independent Filmmaker
  • Co-Founder of International Rewilding Campaign
  • Save the Oaks campaign organiser

James grew up in Girton, and knows the city well. For over 20 years he has worked as an independent filmmaker, producing films for a wide range of media, festivals and corporate clients, including the University of Cambridge and the NHS/University dementia labs. James is dedicated to improving our natural environment and during lockdown led a UK-wide project to distribute and plant 250,000 oaks and broadleaf trees: 

Like many residents, James is very concerned by the city’s rapid growth and says: “The loss of green spaces and biodiversity habitats in Castle threatens air quality, water and our basic need to engage with the natural world. I am committed to working to hold back the tide of development which seems to be overwhelming our small city and its green spaces.”

Richard PotterCherry Hinton - Richard Potter

  • Member of Cambridge Green Party policy group
  • Independent researcher
  • Long-term resident

Richard moved to Cambridge 26 years ago and has lived in Cherry Hinton since then. And has been to the Folk Festival many times.

Richard has been a governor at Netherhall – the school his son went to. He has worked for Cambridgeshire County Council, cycling to Shire Hall and trying to avoid the potholes. For the last 10 years has run his own business – helping local and national government base what they do on evidence. Going out walking during COVID he has pretty much been down every street, which he still does, now using the App to report the trolleys.

Richard joined the Green Party because it is the one that takes climate change seriously. “If we don’t tackle climate change then the world our children live in will be different and damaged. COVID saw how much we can help each other, elected to the Council I would support what we can do in Cambridge. As well as helping others now we need to help the future by tackling climate change”.


Sarah Nicmanis

Coleridge - Sarah Nicmanis

  • Long-term resident
  • Background in teaching and housing
  • Green event organiser in Cambridge

Watch Sarah's campaign video here.

Sarah has been a Cambridge resident for almost twenty years and a Green Party member for the last seven. With a background in teaching and housing, Sarah has experience and knowledge of issues affecting young people and those in housing need. Sarah organised and hosted the popular open event 'Changing Conversations' which was a regular social event facilitating discussions about sustainability and fairness. She is now a Green Party Policy Officer and your candidate for Coleridge. 


Elizabeth MayEast Chesterton - Elizabeth May

  • Long term East Chesterton resident
  • Cambridge Green Party policy group members
  • Retired lecturer in Biology and Ecology

Elizabeth worked as a Biology lecturer and her last post included lecturing in environment and ecology. As her university’s environment manager, she helped decrease the university’s energy use and reinvest savings in further energy reduction measures such as a solar panel roof. Her special interest is biodiversity – the variety of life. She set up a wildlife area on one of the University campuses.

Now retired, and she works actively on the local Friends of Logan’s Meadow group and helped organise the tree planting in autumn 2021. Her priorities as a candidate are: reduction of carbon dioxide to combat climate change and the protection and improvement of local green spaces. 

Dan KittmerKing's Hedges - Dan Kittmer

  • Climate campaigner
  • Long-term charity volunteer
  • Committee member at Cambridge Young Greens

Dan is a student in Cambridge and is passionate about the importance of a diverse range of Councillors representing the city. He has been shocked by the high levels of inequality across the city and feels that the Council could and should be doing more to address this.

With limited green spaces across the ward, Dan was frustrated when developments began on protected green space at St Alban's Recreational Ground.

“Arbury and Kings Hedges have less open green spaces than other wards. It is shocking that a rare protected green space had approval for development. The ward needs Green representation on the Council to challenge such decisions."


Nicola ElliottMarket - Nicola Elliott

  • Coordinator of the Cambridge Green Party
  • Active campaigner in the community
  • Accountant and auditor

Nicola is training towards her accountancy qualifications. She moved to Cambridge for university and has since made the city her home. As Cambridge Green Party coordinator, Nicola has played an important role behind the scenes to support Green Party campaigners and councillors across the city.

Nicola thinks that social and environmental policies can and should work together to make Cambridge a better city for all.
"I am committed to tackling the climate and biodiversity crises which are interlinked with social issues - for example we need urgent action to improve the insulation of our houses to decrease fuel poverty and our collective reliance on fossil fuels."

If elected to the City Council, Nicola would ensure that environmental and social justice is considered in all decision making. She would challenge developments that do not serve the local community. This can only be done by putting more Green voices on the council.


Jean GlasbergNewnham - Jean Glasberg

  • Chair of Newnham Croft Residents Association
  • Established Covid Mutual Aid in Newnham (2020)
  • Secretary of Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve

Jean has long been an active member of the Newnham community with a passion for the environment and education. As City Councillor for Newnham, Jean secured funding for a community room which set up a nursery and afterschool play scheme. She chaired the Environment Committee and played an instrumental role in getting Newnham Croft Conservation Area status as well as achieving a successful parking scheme tailored to the needs of the community.

Jean has decided to stand for City Councillor as a Green because “the climate and biodiversity emergencies are the most important issues we need to address. While other parties pay lip service, only the Green Party is fully committed to act, even when it is not the easy option. I do believe that we need to ‘think globally, act locally’, and that this is urgent."


Eddie WilkinsonPetersfield - Eddie Wilkinson

  • Former Chair of Cambridge Young Greens
  • Member of Cambridge Zero Carbon campaign
  • Green and Ethical Officer for Emmanuel college (2021)

Eddie grew up just outside Cambridge and is now living in Cambridge as a student. He has been involved in a number of green campaigns in the city largely focusing on divestment from fossil fuels and arms. Having grown up in rural east Anglia with family members who were environmental activists and campaigners for organic farming, green issues have always been very important to him.

Eddie feels strongly that living in a more green and sustainable way must be affordable and accessible to everyone. He says "The City Council has a role to play in achieving this. In Petersfield, there are many older buildings with poor insulation. The Council should be helping to organise community options to reduce costs of these projects and ensuring all new developments across the city adhere to the highest environmental standards."


Jacqueline WilkinsonQueen Edith's - Jacqueline Whitmore

  • Long-term resident
  • Literature designer for Cambridge Green Party
  • Community volunteer during lockdowns 

As a mum of two children who went to Primary and Secondary school in the ward, Jacqui feels that now is the time to give something back. As the city went into lockdown, Jacqui volunteered to help people in the community through various local programmes. During the last two years she has been heavily involved in the Green Party, designing literature for our campaign wards. Her hope is to strengthen Green representation on Cambridge City Council so that it can deliver strong, sensible and sustainable environmental and social justice policy. 


Suzie WebbRomsey - Suzie Webb

  • Long-term Cambridge resident
  • Director of Mother's Little Helpers
  • Environmental campaigner

Suzie was raised in Cambridge, St Ives and Huntingdon and her dad stood for the Green Party and took her to Green Party Conference in her early years. She then travelled, worked and trained for 10 years, specialising in the environment and education.

Suzie says: "Romsey has now been my home and workplace for 15 years and I loves raising our two daughters here. It would be a privilege to be your councillor and help your voices be heard.
We have eco-retrofitted our home and given many free tours of it with Open Eco Homes to help inspire others. I actively campaign to help alleviate the climate and ecological crisis and make eco-retrofitting accessible to all Romsey homes. Almost every resident I talk to is worried about how they will keep their family safe and warm this winter. We need to take action now on insulation so that Romsey families don't have to choose between heating and eating this winter.
I am a director of Mother’s Little Helpers and we help many Cambridge families. I also have the pleasure of childminding young children. I want to see the council ban herbicides and pesticides while developing green spaces to increase biodiversity and make them better places for our children to play. Knowing a vote for the Green Party is one of the best ways of securing a good future for the next generations, I am glad to be stepping up."

Ceri GallowayTrumpington - Ceri Galloway

  • Active Leader of local Community Projects
  • Former Vice Chair and Director of Trumpington Residents’ Association
  • Member of the Cambridge Green Party policy group active in responding to city wide consultations, supporting our current elected councillors with research and information

Ceri Galloway has been active in Green politics since the 1970s as well as the women's and peace movements. She has an enduring interest in community building, sustainable lifestyles, and promotion of local food production, energy efficiency and integrated transport. She is a founder member of Transition Cambridge. She is a committee member of Trumpington Allotment Society, and a founder member and a management committee member of Trumpington Community Orchard Project. She was an active member of the Transition Cambridge food group and the Transition Cambridge Permaculture culture-building group for many year before concentrating on Green Party committee work. She was vice-Chair and a director of the Trumpington Residents Association until February 2011. She worked with the other directors to bring the pavilion project (now run by the association) to fruition.

Ceri has a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy and worked as a complementary practitioner and teacher for ten years prior to working in the NHS. Currently she is focusing on becoming self-sufficient.She and her partner have fully insulated their home, installed a solar water heating panel, 5.2 kilowatts PV and a wood stove to heat water by biomass.

If elected to the City Council, Ceri would work to get the best deal for residents and the environment if the southern route is chosen for East West Rail. She would promote integrated care between Social Services, the NHS and other providers for older and disabled people. She would scrutinise decisions relating to transport and the city deal, aiming to make transport links work towards reducing congestion and noise and air pollution in the city. She would promote support for all refugees in the city.


Shayne MitchellWest Chesterton - Shayne Mitchell

  • Long-term local resident
  • Historian, teacher and researcher
  • Environmental campaigner

Shayne has lived in Chesterton for twenty years. She has worked as historian, lecturer, social policy researcher, editor, cinema usher and vegetable picker. Her daughter attended Milton Road Primary School and Chesterton Community College, where Shayne was heavily involved in helping organize PTA events.

Shayne says "The climate emergency is upon us. It needs to be at the centre of every decision and every action by the City Council. Transport - by foot, by cycle and by bus - is crucial. Having spent years trying to get around with small children, and frequently suffering disabling back pain, I know the difficulties many of us face in negotiating city streets.

I am passionate about the quality of our public spaces and about the built environment. Too much of what is being built is too big, too high and does not best serve our community. Cambridge deserves better."

If elected to the City Council, Shayne aims to listen and to serve the local and city-wide community. 


Emma GarnettWest Chesterton (by-election) - Emma Garnett

  • Sustainable Consumption Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge 
  • Member of Cambridge Green Party committee
  • Long term resident and environmental campaigner

Emma grew up in rural Wiltshire and has lived in Cambridgeshire nearly all of her adult life. She studied ecology and biodiversity conservation, and after finishing her PhD in 2020 is now a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge with a focus on sustainable diets and psychology. Emma's scientific and data expertise make her well placed to write and scrutinise council policies. Emma believes passionately that social justice and environmental justice are two sides of the same coin. If elected, she would focus on reducing inequality, prioritising well-being rather than growth and affordable public and active transport.