Secure sustainable water supplies for residents and nature

Councillor Hannah at Coldham's BrookOur region is experiencing severe and worsening water shortages. This is bad news for nature: our special chalk stream wildlife is threatened, and the health of trees across the area is at risk as the water table falls. Water companies already pipe water in from elsewhere to meet demand in Cambridgeshire – an example of where we are living beyond our environmental means. Plans for large scale housebuilding in the region will increase the burden on our already overstretched supply, with impacts on quality of life for residents in the long term.

Green Councillors will:

  • Oppose development that will increase the ongoing removal of water from the chalk aquifer, while supporting solutions to the over-abstraction problems
  • Support nature-based solutions to water management including restoration of flood plain habitats and appropriate vegetation and tree planting to slow down surface run-off and reduce the risk of flash flooding
  • Lobby for the highest water efficiency credentials for all new developments, including mandatory greywater collection
  • Encourage our water companies to put more resources into supporting residents and businesses to reduce their water use
  • Scrutinise Cambridge Water's plans for drought management and water abstraction to ensure they are evidence-based, climate-resilient and sustainable 
  • Hold Anglian Water to account for their repeated breaches of regulations governing discharge of wastewater into the Cam.

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