Revolutionise transport in Cambridge 

Matt showing Newmarket Road cycle lanesCambridge needs a rapid shift to greener travel, with a more joined-up approach to transport planning and a focus on ending fossil fuel dependence. 

Although Cambridge has the highest level of cycling in the UK, we have the potential to do even better by improving the cycle network. Increasing the proportion of journeys made by active transport would benefit everyone, including those less able to cycle or walk, by reducing traffic jams and improving air quality. Currently in many parts of the city pollution exceeds acceptable levels for health.

Current bus services are too expensive to use, do not serve Cambridge residents well and are not integrated with regional travel: there are areas, for example in Abbey, where buses are rare and slow, and other areas which lack any sort of service. Lack of good public transport provision widens inequalities by further disadvantaging people who can't afford to either live close to employment centres or to run a car. We need public transport that is convenient, cheap and reliable.

At the same time as improving people’s travel options, we need to start introducing disincentives for people driving all the way into Cambridge from outside. We believe it is necessary to introduce charging in some form (e.g. congestion, pollution or parking charges). Any such scheme must be carefully designed to avoid placing additional burdens on any disadvantaged section of society. 

Green Councillors will:

  • Campaign for major investment in active transport with the goal of creating a fully interconnected, properly segregated cycle network
  • Hold the Greater Cambridge Partnership to account in delivering a network of bus services that are well-connected, safe, fast, cheap and convenient to use. This should include the creation of Travel Hubs (bus stations with additional facilities, primarily accessed through walking and cycling – as distinct from the current Park and Ride model)
  • Campaign for these improvements to be funded through the introduction of new charges which are designed to discourage car travel while being fair to all users (in particular, taking into account the needs of potentially more vulnerable sections of society such as women, older people or those with disabilities). We support the immediate introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy and call for an evidence-based assessment of options for a congestion or emissions charge to be introduced in the future
  • Campaign to improve air quality in the City including by working towards introducing an emissions-free zone in the centre of Cambridge and campaigning for strict rules against engine idling as long as diesel and petrol vehicles are still used in the city centre
  • Campaign for 20mph speed limits in all residential areas and work with residents to create low traffic neighbourhoods
  • Accelerate and manage the shift to electric vehicles by ensuring the installation of many more free or low-cost charging points, accessible to existing residents and standard in all new builds, and introducing appropriate safety regulations including clear guidelines on which vehicles can use which routes
  • Support the development and roll-out of innovative solutions to reduce private car use, including car-sharing schemes, on-demand minibus services and electric scooter/ bicycle hire

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