Face up to the Climate Emergency with real action

Councillors Hannah and Naomi at a fossil fuels protestThe City Council declared climate and ecological emergencies in 2019. Now we need effective action appropriate to the scale of the threat. With the COP26 international agreement on climate change falling far short of what is needed, work at a local level is more important than ever.  

Climate justice and social justice are inextricably linked. We support the City Council’s adoption of the Doughnut Economics model (the idea that society must meet everyone’s needs without exceeding the capacity of the earth to support us) and will continue to push for the concept to be translated into real action.


Green Councillors will:

  • Consider the linked issues of social justice and the climate and ecological emergencies in every decision they make
  • Aim to make Cambridge a UK and world leader in its reductions in carbon emissions 
  • Encourage and support businesses and institutions in Cambridge to adopt more ambitious net-zero commitments and implement actions to reach net-zero carbon by 2030 at the latest, in line with the Cambridge Climate Change Charter.
  • Continue to campaign for the County Council to divest the millions currently invested in the fossil fuel industry from their pension fund, and start future proofing council employees' pensions
  • Help to make Cambridge more resilient to the effects of climate change including by increasing tree cover, ensuring buildings are designed to function in extremes of weather, and encouraging businesses to include weather extremes in their business continuity strategies.

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