A Green New Deal for Cambridge 2022

There are many things to celebrate about Cambridge as a place to live, but also many injustices. The rapid economic growth experienced in some areas has left many people behind, with more and more  struggling to heat their homes and feed their families. The Greater Cambridge Planning Authority is currently committed to building thousands of new homes, yet past development has failed to address the housing affordability crisis or to lessen the huge inequality in the city. Too many housing developments (although not all) are soulless, lack community facilities, add to Cambridge’s traffic problem and chip away at our remaining green space. We need to learn from past mistakes and successes so we can work towards a better future. 

Here is our plan to help everyone in Cambridge thrive.

You can download a printable version of the document here (pages 1 to 4 are text only, graphic on page 5).

Graphic showing the six manifesto headings around a title 'social and environmental justice'

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Homes fit for the future 

Focus on community to reduce inequality

Revolutionise transport in Cambridge

Face up to the climate emergency with real action

Protect nature and green spaces for everyone

Secure sustainable water supplies for residents and nature  









We regularly update our manifesto in consultation with our members and Councillors. Archived versions: